Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Palgong Sanchae Jeongsik - The Best Bibimbap in Town

Looking for somewhere classy, reasonably priced, easy to find, and totally delicious?  Anyone who considers him/herself a bibimbap connoisseur should be sure not to miss this:

팔공산채정식's  full spread + green onion pancake


 Very nice japchae (sticky sweet potato noodles with julienned veg)

Colorful sprouts

Some variety of slightly squeaky mushroom


Various greens


Put it all together to make your own dish.

Two awesome soups - one of the best Soybean Paste stews I've met, along with a thicker "tofu residue stew."  (콩비지 찌개 - This one might benefit from some rebranding).

And a fried fish each, for the pescetarians and omnis out there.

All of the above are from the 산채정식 (mountain vegetable set meal) at the top left of the menu.   

If you order the 산채특정식 for W2,000 more*, you also get your choice of some bulgogi or a side of 더덕구이 (roasted deodeok root), an awesome mountain herb.  The taste is slightly bitter, but sweetens when marinated and then cooked together with the red pepper paste. It comes out soft but formidable, quite a pleasure to chow down on:

(The out-of-focus picture doesn't do it justice)

There's a bunch of other stuff on the menu too: bulgogi, steamed ribs, stews, tofu and kimchi, etc, but order at  your own risk: the bibimbap portions are so huge that it's just about physically impossible for two people to consume anything more than just the basic platter.  

Even so, it's hard to resist a pancake like this.

Come out of Banwoldang exit 5 and take your first right.  The restaurant will be there on your left almost immediately.  Have a look at the Green Guide to get oriented.

*Price have since gone up; last I checked, it was W8,000 for the standard set and W10k for the special.

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