Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Organic Farms, Beomeo.

Update as of sometime in May, 2012:

Organic Farms no longer stocks the stuff listed in the original entry.  Some time ago, they switched to a beef restaurant specializing in Hanu (Korean-raised) beef.  I don't recall whether the beef is certified organic, grass-fed, or even antibiotic free.  There is still a small selection of organic fruits and sauces. 

People who live near Beomeo sure are blessed!  Just a few minutes' walk from exit 1 of Beomeo station is

Organic Farms!

Though it sells mostly the same stuff, the wood and brick interior give it a slightly more upscale feel than other chains like Chorok Maeul or iCoop.  

Usual assortment of grains, beans, and snacks.

Vegetarian ramen...

And, unlike other places, you can get fresh meat (I didn't confirm, but I'm confident it's local and antibiotic-free, though probably not organically fed or raised free range.)

There's a lot more that I didn't take pictures of: fresh fruits and vegetables, loads of snacks and sauces, jams, coffee, chocolate...pop by and have a look!  Come out of Beomeo station exit 1, head straight, and take your the 3rd right, which will be at a giantish intersection.  Walk north for a minute or two and voila, you're there!  Or, plan your route out in advance on the Green Guide map. 


  1. Hi! I'm korean living near Beomeo, SuseonguChung.
    Your blog is very helpful and lively!
    Thank you for lots of information!
    I didn't know till now that such a great store is near Beomeo.
    I'm interested in greenliving.
    See you!

  2. I'm glad you found it helpful! Please share it with your friends.

    Unfortunately, Organic Farms has kind of half-closed down. Now it's primarily a restaurant serving Hanu (Korean-raised) beef. I can't remember if it's actually organic or grass-fed or anything. There is still a small selection of other organic goods, mostly fruits and sauces.