Teotbat! 텃밭!

25 Rows of wholesome goodness, down by the Mutaegyo, between the peach trees and praying mantis.  Click the label link above to see the most recent posts related to our little garden.  

So far (starting from the long rows by the peach trees):

Row 1 Chocolate Mint, Pineapple Mint, Cilantro
Row 2 Sesame Leaves
Row 3 Basil (Only one survivor)
Row 4 Green Onions
Row 5 Oregano (Failure)
Row 6 Beets
Row 7 Beets
Row 8 Common Chives
Row 9 Rosemary (Failure)
Row 10 Dill, Licorice
Row 11 Thyme
Row 12 Spinach
Row 13 Carrots
Row 14
Row 15
Row 16 Tomatoes
Row 17 Okra
Row 18 Okra
Row 19 Okra and a tomato
Row 20 Parsley
Row 21 Parsley
Row 22 Garlic Chives
Row 23 Squash
Row 24 Squash
Row 25 Squash

Where is it?! 어디 있노?!

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