Who are we?

Daegu Noksaek Sari / 녹색살이대구 / Daegu Green Living is:
- a resource for Daegu-ites looking to live more eco-consciously;  

- a project intended to support Daegu businesses dedicated to operating sustainably;

- a website we can use to share our knowledge of all things green and wonderful in Daegu;

- a way to publicize upcoming events, celebrations, meetings, etc;

- interested in ecology, environmentalism, animal welfare, sustainability, living local, minimizing carbon footprints, recycling, permaculture, and community;

- looking for ways to live responsibly, respectfully, equitably, and within limits; 

- active on facebook;

- just getting started;

- confused about its own name (DNS?  NSS?  DGL?)  

- grateful for your attention;

- pleased to meet you; and,

- awaiting your requests, your opinions, your advice, and your submissions!