Restaurants in Daegu serving food that is either: a) vegetarian; b) vegan; c) organic; d) healthy; e) tasty; f) local; or, g) noteworthy for some other reason. Click the label link above to see any and all posts about restaurants, or have a look through the (eventual) links below to find one in specific.

You can also use the search bar on the right to look for restaurants in a certain area (eg Dalseogu), of a certain type (eg traditional Korean), or for a certain diet (eg pescetarian). 

Please email us if you have a suggestion or contribution!  Let's spread the word and support restaurants that operate in earth- and people-friendly ways. 

월배채식솔내/ Weolbae Vegetarian Restaurant, Solnae

보리수 / Borisu / The Boddhi Tree

폴인샤브 / Porin Shabu Shabu

이플 / Ippl


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팔공산산채식당 (반월당)

Loving Hut (4 Branches)
보리수 유치원 (남구)

연빈재차건강음식전문식당 (달서구)

Donghwasa temple

Below is a map of vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Korea (thanks to Kenneth Holman from the Seoul Vegeterian Club for this one).  Zoom in on Daegu for more specifics.  Use the search bar on the right to see Noksaek Sari's info about individual places.

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