Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chorok Maeul, Songhyeon

Daegu Green Living has expanded its territory once again, this time wandering all the way out to Songyeon, the West Kansas of Daegu. We proudly present:

Chorok Maeul, Songhyeon

The Songhyeon branch is the third Chorok Maeul in Daegu and by far the largest. Like the others, it sells produce, grains, beans, sauces, spices, meats snacks, drinks, supplements, cosmetics, household items, all of which are local, organic, pesticide-free, antibiotic-free, free range, or eco-friendly in some other way.

Other noteworthy items include:

Frozen pizza made (mostly) with Korean flour; Hypoallergenic bedding, comforters, and toys.

Organic black bean and soy milks, including powdered mixes. And plenty of wine!

Peanut butter (the price tag there is for something else, sorry...)

Baby food, organic butter

The owner here is among the friendliest I've ever met - she asked me to convey that she apologizes for not speaking English and said that she would work harder to serve foreign customers, if only she could figure out what they wanted. So, if you want to know thy the beans on the top shelf (Korean) cost less than the ones in the middle (oragnic), or what the heck you're supposed to do with pine needle powder, or how you can go about getting this or that- give it a shot!

Directions from downtown: follow the red subway line out to Seongdangmot (Seobu Bus Station) and then continue following it until about halfway to Songhyeon. Turn right onto Haksan-ro and walk down the hill until you get to a medium-sized intersection with a flashing orange stoplight suspended over the middle. Turn right there, and then look for the store on your right, opposite the Green Mansion apartments. Here's a map. They're open from 10AM to 9PM; check out their website here for more info about products and prices.

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  1. 28,000 won for organic valley. whoa! love your posts.