Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chorok Maeul, Chilgok

As if Chilgok District 3 didn't have enough organic shops already*, here's one more for your shopping joy:

This Chorok Maeul outlet, located just a few blocks east of the Farmer's Marketplace and a few south east of the newish Primus cinema, has been around for seven years, a good deal longer than Chilgok's other ethical eateries. Knowing that Chilgok is more or less one giant hagwon, they've chosen an appropriate motto:

"We want to provide our precious children with nothing but safe food grown on our land."

Like the other shops already mentioned on the blog, it carries the usual range of edibles, all local, organic, low-pesticide, or in-season: rice, grains, beans and pulses, noodles, snacks, fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, nutritional supplements, and cosmetics. To see exactly what's available, and how much it all costs, visit their official website at (Website link)

I'll hold back on the interior shots, since all of the stores look more or less the same, and limit myself to showing you some of spiffier items being offered.

Organic pre-cooked, microwaveable rice.

"Green ham" (Sounds like a Dr. Seuss ripoff) and glutinous pressed barley, which looks to me like a viable substitute for oatmeal...

And what's better to drop into your oatmeal than organic peanuts, almonds and walnuts? Enjoy it with some tea...

Organic button mushrooms are also a treat, but nothing compared to organic ice cream.

There you have it! Click on any of the above pictures to visit the photo album, which has a few more detail shots, or visit the Chilgok branch's official site for a more complete listing of products and prices.

Chorok Maeul Chilgok is located at 대구 북구 동천동 950, but if you look it up on a map, it tells you it's in the center of the Hwaseong Central Park apartment complex, which, I can say from personal experience, is not the case. It's actually just a few meters past the entrance to the apartment complex, on Daecheon-no, directly east of the Daedong bridge. On the map above, it's across from the "Buy the Way" convenience store. They're open daily from 10AM to 11PM.

*Actually, what am I talking about? Is it even possible to have enough organic shops? Why do I feel like three is a lot, when they must be outnumbered by conventional "marts" one hundred to one?


  1. I've tried 압맥 as a substitute for oatmeal, and it works! It doesn't soak up the water/milk nearly as much as rolled oats, and so is much tougher to chew, but the experience is similar.

  2. Hrm, did you try soaking it the night before?

    1. I did, and it doesn't break down the way oats do - it maintains the whole-grain integrity. Great flavour, though - oaty with another subtle layer.