Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chorok Maeul, Sangin

To complete the fourth and final installment in our Chorok Maeul series, DGL made the long and arduous (if you're on a bicycle) journey all the way out to Sangin, in order to scope out

Chorok Maeul, Sangin

(Unfortunately, it was just about closing time when I visited, so I didn't get a good shot of the front of the building. There should be one coming soon...)

Like the other Chorok Maeul shops scattered around the country, the Sangin branch specializes in bringing consumers healthy and safe stuff to eat. Organic rice, grains and beans, seasonal prdouce, antibiotic-free meat, preservative-free snacks and sauces.

The interior is bigger than some of the other ones, leaving plent of space for $200 mushroom displays. Koreans take their organic medicinal fungi seriously...

A closer look at all the produce

In case your school didn't provide you with a rice cooker.

Vegetarian Ramen!

Lots of great teas

Chorok Maeul, Sangin is located just around the corner from one of Noksaek Sari's favorite restaurants, the absolutely fantastic 월배채식솔내. If you're coming from Downtown, get off the subway at Sangin and come out of exit 2. Walk straight until Sangwon-ro, the only big intersection between Sangin and Weolbae, and then turn right. Go straight, past the entrance to the Happy Tree apartment complex (I wonder how many trees were razed to make space for it...). Chorok Maeul will be our your right in just a minute or two. Map here. They're open 9:30AM-9:30PM Monday to Friday and 10AM-8PM on Weekends and public holidays.

Their official website, here, has a complete list of inventory and prices.

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