Friday, October 8, 2010


Welcome to Ippl! If you like 1) knowing who grows your food and where they live; 2) splurging on organic veggies; and, 3) placemats detailing the proprietor's food philosophy, then this is the place for you.

Located in Suseong-gu, across from Trump World and between Hwang-geum Negeori and Dusan Ogeori, Ippl offers a variety of wonderful, healthy, and delicious services.

First and foremost, the organic buffet, with 25 or more dishes ranging from soups, pancakes, mains, sides, fresh fruits and veggies, and cold drinks:

Second, the marketplace, selling (mostly) healthy, (mostly) organic, and (mostly) local grains, fruits, veggies, sauces, and snacks.

And, third, the 반찬 bar, where you can buy pre-made side dishes to take home and enjoy. Candied black beans, lotus roots, different styles of Kimchi, roasted garlic, and more!

Themes of health and responsibility link all three operations. On the wall, you can see a list of all the ingredients used in the cooking, along with the name and location of the farmer that provided them.

And on your placemat, you can read Ippl's mission statements:

One: Food soon becomes a person's body and soul. If you treat it thoughtlessly, how can you properly care for yourself and for your neighbors?

Two: We must develop a sense of taste that likes healthy food. We must develop a tongue that dislikes and refuses food which is bad for us.

Three: Bread, snacks, yogurt, and other unnamed food additives and hidden sugars reduce our physical and mental capacities.

Four: Through overprotection of milk, eggs, and meat, the development of harmful bacteria is accelerated; consumption of meat in which harmful chemicals have accumulated may bring about allergies and a weak constitution.

Five: Soybean oil, margarine, and other artificial fats and hormonal additives confuse our bodies.

Six: Our bodies waste precious energy trying to flush out artificial flavors and additives, making us more likely to fall ill.

Seven: It's important to know and feel the meaning of directly growing the lifeforms we call "crops." Good food is made over a long time, through the devotion of many people, with a heart that acknowledges its debt to nature.

Eight: Healthy produce can not come forth from polluted land, air, and seas. Good ingredients and proper food bring nature, consumers, and producers together in a relationship of respect.

Nine: Food soon becomes our character. The world changes and history is shaped according to what and how we eat.

Three cheers for responsible restaurateurs!

In Brief:
Restaurant: 이플 유기농 뜨락 / Ippl Organic Garden
Location: Suseong-gu, Between Hwang-geum and Dusan Intersections, across from Trump World
Type of Restaurant: Organic, responsibly sourced buffet
Meat?: Almost all the dishes are vegan-friendly. Some egg dishes from free-range chickens and very few have meat.
Price: W15,000 for lunch, 20,000 for dinner. All you can eat.
Hours: Buffet open for lunch from 12-3 and for dinner from 6-9. The market and side-dish shop are open daily, 10 to 10. No dinner on the final Monday of the month.
English: No need, it's a buffet! As of September, one of the employees speaks decent English.
Official website:

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