Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eco-Film Night #3 - Baraka: A World Beyond Words

This Saturday we'll be celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving by showing the film "Baraka." "Baraka" is a Sufi word meaning "a blessing, or the breath, or the essence of life, from which the evolutionary process unfolds." In Islam generally, it is "a quality or force emanating originally from Allah but capable of transmission to objects or to human beings." In Judaism, it is a ceremonial blessing. In Swahili, it means "blessing."

"Baraka" employs neither words, actors, nor plot. Instead, incredible, thought-provoking images from around the world show the beauty and chaos generated by nature and humans. Filmed at 152 locations in 24 countries, Baraka contains some images that you'll recognize, and many you won't, but will change the way you think

When: Saturday, October 9th, 8:00PM
Where: Buy the Book Cafe, Rodeo Street, Downtown Daegu
Who: All are welcome, even if you can't speak English. 자막이 없는데 그 이유는 아무 말도 없기 때문입니다! 영어를 완전 못 하셔도 영화를 즐길 수 있을 겁니다. 꼭 참석해 주세요!
Price: Free. Order a meal, a snack, a shake, or a drink from Buy the Book's menu if you'd like.

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