Saturday, July 24, 2010

보리수 / Borisu

The Basics

Restaurant: 보리수 / Borisu / The Boddhi Tree
Location: 반월당, 봉사문화거리 근처 / Banweoldang, near Bongsa Culture Street.
Type of Restaurant: Traditional Korean Jeongsik (rice with lots of sides) and bibimbap.
Meat?: Eggs served as a side and in the bibimbap. Anchovies for seasoning in the soybean paste soup.
Price: W4000-W7000 for one person
Hours: Lunch and dinner, Monday to Saturday, we think.


Visible in the picture above. Bibimbap, jeongshik (rice and side dishes), Dolsot Bibimbap, and 영양밥 / Yeong-yang bap / Nutrition rice. The latter is highly recommended, as it is cooked with chestnuts, jujubes, and various other nuts and beans.

Everything comes with a wide array of delicious side dishes, including pancakes, soybean paste stew, and more.

The Experience

Despite its nondescript entrance, Borisu has a beatiful interior. Several small rooms surround a central stone courtyard; even when the restaurant it busy, guests are separated enough that the atmosphere remains calm and pleasant.

The side-dishes are all pre-made and come out quickly. Be prepared to wait a few minutes for your Dolsot Bibimbap or up to 15 for the Yeong-Yang.

Directions and Landmarks

By whatever means you like, make your way to exit number 9 of the Banwoldang Subway Station. Walk East, away from from Banwoldang intersection, and go under whatever the heck this is supposed to be:

Don't turn down culture street. Instead, keep walking until you see a DaVinci's Coffee and a little corner shack with Ajummas selling fried Korean donuts. Walk down this tiny alley and Borisu will be there on your right.

If you get to Bongsan (6) Intersection, you've gone too far! Turn around and try again.

And a Google map:

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Other Info
Address: 대구광역시 중구 봉산동 137-19 봉산문화거리 옆 골목
Phone numbers: (053) 421-7737; 011-9582-5393

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  1. Thanks! This was great and your directions were perfect. We had Bimimbap and it was excellent and very filling for just 6,000 won.