Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ggureomi - October 27th

I can't believe a whole month has passed since my last Ggureomi post!

Highlights from September's package included vegan cream of leek, sweet potato, and leafy greens soup (a.k.a. "this wilting kale will be thrown out over my dead body" stew); experiments in Korean-style Pad Thai using the eggs, bean sprouts, and some domestic whole grain noodles I bought at Natural Dream; breakfasts of sautéed tofu and fresh, crisp "vitamin peppers;" and amazing baked lotus root chips.  
I nearly flipped out on Monday when I got a text message announcing this week's Ggureomi contents:

I seriously think the box must have weighed 10kg. 

- Tofu, made with primarily domestic, organic soybeans (but not 100%, so no ceritification), free of antifoaming agents, emulsifiers, and preservatives.
- Antibiotic-free hard-boiled quail eggs
- Organic broccoli
- Organic giant leeks
- Pesticide-free "pumpkin sweet potatoes," so fat that they had burst  through their bag.
- Pesticide-free oyster mushrooms
- 6 Organic sweet persimmons
- 6 Pesticide-free apples

I'm going away for the weekend to participate in the First Korean Food Tour for Foreign Foodies (please check out the link and follow my team's trail of face-stuffing around Jeonju) but am looking forward to getting back and enjoying:

Boiled, steamed, or roasted sweet potatoes with raw vegetables and spicy dip for breakfast.

Sauteed tofu, broccoli, noodles, and maybe some home-raised bean sprouts in a bit of Lo Mein, or Chow Mein, or whatever for lunch.

Crisp fruit for a snack in the afternoon.

Something ingenious with the mushrooms at some other point.

Anyone know what to do with oyster mushrooms or quail eggs?


  1. Oyster Mushrooms: Shred them for taco/burrito filling.

  2. Who are you, you wise and mysterious culinary devil you?

  3. Anyplace close enough to walk to Keungpook university that has organic produce?

  4. Not to the best of my knowledgeㅠㅠ. That's where I live, too. I think the closest places are probably in Beomeo.