Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Buy the Book

If you're currently looking at this, chances are you already know all about Buy the Book.  You know, that awesome place downtown where you can buy and trade used books, play free board games, check out the local theater group in action, or watch one of Daegu Green Living's eco-films?  All while enjoying a steaming cup of organic tea, a big plate of nachos, or one of a million other things?  I've been meaning to write a little introduction the store for a while, but for now, please content yourself with:


Note: Events may be changed from time to time, and, in particular, people such as myself who can't get their stuff together two months ahead of time may request to add events.  To stay up-to-date, check BtB's Facebook page regularly.  

Speaking of which: Daegu Green Living will be showing another eco-film on the evening of Sunday, November 13th.  Keep an eye out for more details closer to the date!

Not sure where it is?  Check out our Green Guide.  BtB is located just a little bit south of 2.28 Memorial Park downtown.  

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