Thursday, September 1, 2011

The 2011 Organic World Conference comes to Korea!

This blog tends to focus on ways that each of us can, as individuals, make environmentally responsible decisions about what we eat, where we shop, and how we entertain ourselves. Making these sort of small choices based on environmental and ethical concerns can be empowering, opening up new paths and giving us the strength to make more difficult decisions when the time comes. At the same time, though, enlightened consumers on their own won't change the world. The real movers and shakers, the ones who have the power to affect the range of possible consumption choices available to those of us who are looking to do the right thing, are those who produce, distribute, and design. Farmers, engineers, scientists, politicians, and activists. Perhaps, if we're lucky, we manage to make time to read a few articles or books on what these people are up to, and up against. For the most part, though, we're busy with our own daily lives, largely unaware of the great changes happening all around us.

This month, though, we who are here in Korea will have the opportunity to see into this world first-hand (pardon the mixed metaphor). Between Monday, September 26 and Wednesday, October 5, the city of Namyangju (Northwest of Seoul, accessible via the subway) will play host to the 17th Organic World Congress.

The schedule is as follows:

Sept 26th-27th: Pre-conferences on topics like aquaculture, urban agriculture, and tea farming
Sept 28th: Opening Ceremonies
Sept 29th - August 1st: Main conference. Lectures, seminars, and speeches on the theory, practice, politics, economics, and future of organic agriculture.
August 1st: Closing Ceremonies
August 3rd-5th: IFOAM General Assembly

While the above seem like they will mostly interest experts and practitioners, the following look like they could be interesting for just about anybody:

August 2nd: Organic tours. Choose among three different sites in Korea, all associated with different facets of the organic movement.

And, from September 28th through October 2nd: Market Festival and Organic World Fair! All sorts of booths, games, displays, shops, and concerts.

All the official details - including prices and registration info - are available on the official website, No matter what aspect of the organic movement you're interested in, There will be something for you.

If you think you'd like to go, get in touch via facebook or email (noksaeksari at gmaill dot com) and we'll see if we can work out a group trip and shared accommodation at a hotel/motel/friend/couch in the area. Hope to see you there!

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