Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Latest Ggureomi

Is there anything better than getting a text in the middle of class saying that your box of vegetables will be delivered just around lunchtime? Yes: getting a call from the delivery guy five minutes after you get home saying that he's right there with your package. Just in time for lunch!

This week, the goodies included:

Organic mini-, ultra-crisp "Vitamin Peppers" from Cheongju. Awesome for dipping in ssamjang or humus. Also good in curry and jjigae. Particularly if you still have dwoenjang left from previous months.

Two packs of stew Tofu made from Korean beans.
(For those who receive the normal, non-vegan Ggureomi, one of the tofus was replaced by a carton of ten antibiotic-free natural eggs from Bo-eun.

A bag o' organic lettuce from Jecheon.

Organic green onions from Goesan. Make your own Pajeon pancakes or kimchi.

A cute pesticide-free mini-kabocha squash frmo Jeju. Slice thin and dip in batter to make pancakes; cube it and cook it along with your rice; or even stuff and bake it.

A bag of mini 5-grain ricecake snacks, made from organic rice. MSG-free.

And, the show-stealer: pesticide-free peaches from Sangju.

All of it delivered straight to your door, or your school, or wherever you'd like.

Interested in receiving shipments of healthy, clean, safe produce once or more a month? Email us at noksaeksari at gmail dot com for more details.


  1. I want this!! But an email to the email above failed either because of a tech error or because I was unknowingly negligent. Shall I try again? Also, can't seem to leave a comment w/my Google Account. Will do so "anonymously." Tanya in Yeongcheon

  2. Tanya, good to hear from you! I had originally written the wrong email address there, but it's been fixed - try one more time to send an email to Or, search for Daegu Green Living / 녹색살이대구 on Facebook. Signing up for the Ggureomi is a piece of cake.