Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Teot-bat Pays Off!

After several months of ceaseful, effortless cultivation, the beloved Teot-bat has finally delivered. Of course, I had snagged a cherry tomato or two and a few fistfuls of mint leaves and basil in the past, but now, apparently, the combination of the late-August rains and the cooler weather of September has led to some truly monstrous growth.

Basil and Sesame leaves, each about a meter high. Some nice green onions on the left, too.

Some truly beautiful Cilantro/Coriander, Chocolate Mint, and Thyme:


Better pick that Okra, too:

(Actually, it was already too late for the Okra. Mathan, my excellent Indian neighbor, tells me I should have picked them when they were still soft.)

Chives and Green Onions:

Harvested: Green Onions, a sickle, and 1/3 of a shoe.

Also harvested: basil, a carrot, and 2 ziploc bags
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Daegu NoksaekSari Organic CSA Distribution Complex:


A pumpkin, chive, and green onion pancake.

Thank you, Teotbat.

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