Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SO Delicious!

One time, several years ago, a friend of mine somehow scrounged up a tub of non-dairy ice cream from a chest at a convenience store. Ever since, I've occasionally found myself stopping at random GS25s and Family Marts and digging, hoping against hope that I might run into a little treasure.  Alas, no such luck...until now.  Look what just popped up a short walk away from Beomeo Station:

SO Delicious, consistent source of organic, vegan ice cream and numerous other treats!  They opened sometime in April and serve a decent variety of foods for a place so small. 

The ice cream is all vegan-friendly.  Most varieties are made from soy, though there are some coconut-based flavors in the mix, too.  The current line-up, from left to right, top to bottom: mango-passion fruit, chocolate almond brownie, vanilla, blueberry chiux cream, raspberry, cookies and cream, strawberry, and green tea.  Sizes range from tiny, which gets you two scoops of one flavor for 2,900 won, to "Mountain Cup", which gets you something like a pint and a half of your choice of flavors for 16,800.  

 The ice cream is all USDA organic ceritified... are most of the the bakery items!  Cookies, cakes, rolls, loaves, and more.  

Not everything is vegan-friendly, but the stuff that is is clearly labeled:

(No butter, eggs, or dairy)

 There's also a cold case with sandwiches, cakes, etc. 


And also, the cutest little thimble-size servings of jam you've ever seen...

Now that summer is upon us, swing by!  So Delicious is open until 10PM seven days a week.  Apparently, that days remaining bakery treats also drop down to clearance prices after 9PM.  Finally, as if that weren't enough, the owner, Mrs. Nam, is also very friendly and speaks excellent English. 

To get there, come out of Beomeo Station, exit two.  Walk straight until the second big intersection, and turn left just before the SK Gas Station and Porin Shabu Shabu restaurant.  Walk down just a few minutes, passing a fire station on your right.  When you get to the main entrance of Lotte Castle Apartments, look across the street to your left.  There she'll be!  Visit the Green Guide to see it all mapped out. 

Head over to the Photo Page to see the entire menu, which also includes coffee, tea, and some other good stuff.

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  1. Mike~ It is good information for the people who have vegan friend :-)