Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eco-Film Night: Freedom Ahead

As an unfortunate consequence of having quit my job, I'm being forced to leave the country!  Luckily, as a fortunate consequence of being forced to leave the country, I'm embarking on a 2-month-ish tour of Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Korea, and Japan (no typos, ask in person for details.)  This means that this film will be my last, at least until sometime in May. 

Please join me on Sunday, March 25th for this very special documentary, filmed in part at Sadhana Forest, a volunteer reforestation and water conservation project where I spent four months back in late 2009-early 2010 learning about community, permaculture, and the good life, and without which there would likely be no Daegu Green Living!  Swing by Buy the Book and enjoy drinks, snacks, or dinner at your leisure.  We'll start watching the movie around 6:30. 

From the official website,

Never before in known history have so many people relied on so few for the basic essentials of life. In our present-day democracies, freedom is slowly being commodified. We have been giving our democratic governments more and more freedom while they have been busy restricting ours. In the name of democracy and global progress laws are drafted that will outlaw simple activities that empower man, like growing our own food. By taking our freedom for granted we could be on the verge of losing it. Are we still free when we can't grow our own food anymore or when peoples livelihood depends heavily on how we interact with the money-hungry machine democracy has become? We need to be governed less and become less dependent on a system that is simply not sustainable. An empty system that will offer no reward, when we feel it is time to start enjoying life. It is not democracy that will offer true freedom, it is reclaiming the spaces that were taken away by democracy.

Set against the backdrop of the most celebrated democracy in the world -India- we learn how governments are pushing the democratic dream, while stealing and selling peoples land to foreign corporations on consumerists behalf. In the documentary film Freedom Ahead we visit the people who are the conscience in a world which is losing its moral principles. These people regain control over their lives by being independent and living self sufficiently. By doing so they obtain the highest valued asset of all times: real freedom. This collection of committed individuals does not constitute a movement. It is dispersed and fiercely independent. It is taking shape in universities, elementary schools, farms, communities and many other places. It is experimentally emerging as a global humanitarian movement rising from the bottom up. Freedom Ahead colorfully captures this almost instinctive response, the largest social movement in all of human history through lucid footage, inspirational stories and an evocative soundscape.

What   Eco-film night: Freedom Ahead
When  Sunday, March 25th, 6:30PM
Where Buy the Book, Downtown Daegu, 
(Rodeo Street, Mr. Pizza Building, 4th Floor)
Who  Anyone and everyone
How Much  Free!
Korean Subtitles?  Yes!


불행히도 제가 일을 그만두게 되어 저는 한국을 떠나야 합니다. 하지만 제가 떠나야 된다는 것의 행복한 결과로 저는 약 2달 동안 대만과 일본으로 여행을 갈 거예요! 그래서 이번 달의 2째 에코필름은 당분간 저의 마지막 에코필름이 될 것입니다.

3 월 25일 일요일에 저에겐 아주 소중한 이 에코필름을 보러 나오시길 바랍니다. 이 필름은 제가 2009-2010년 겨울에 약 4개월 동안 살았던 물절약과 살림 공동체인 사다나포레스트, 그리고 그와 비슷한 지속가능 공동체들에서 촬영했습니다. 이런 공동체에 방문할 기회가 없었더라면 저는 아마도 대구녹색살이를 설립할 생각도 안 했을 거예요!

무엇 에코필름: Freedom Ahead (자유로의 길)
언제  3월25일 일요일 오후 6:30
어디 Buy the Book, 대구 시내
(로데오 거리,미스터피자 빌딩, 4층)
누구  아무나, 모두 다
얼마  무료입장
한글 자막?  팀과 함께 정성껏 만들어 드렸습니다! 

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