Thursday, April 14, 2011

2011 Daegu Bike Festival, Round 2 / Earth Day Celebrations

The 2011 Daegu Bike Festival campaign kicked off on March 19, with nearly one thousand riders making a 14-km loop from the West District Office, around West Daegu, and Back. In addition to a massive number of Korean participants, several foreigners joined in the fun, including the first ever foreigner to don the shiny, yellow, slightly obnoxious staff vest then cycle to and fro protecting children and ajumma alike from the vicissitudes of Korean traffic:

More importantly, though, the following picture made it into several local newspapers:

Way to go, Shane and Aaron! How great is it to have some lasting evidence of foreigners participating in and contributing to a meaningful, barely-publicized event like this? Three cheers for integration! (Thanks also to Niall and Matt, who must have been somewhere else in the pack. Maybe if you wear badass sunglasses next time, you'll make the front page.)

So, let's do it again! 2011's second Bike Festival will take place on Sunday, April 24th in honor of Earth Day. We'll kick off from Jungang-no downtown and go for, again, a 14km loop around the southeastern part of the city, with a short break at Suseong lake.

The plan is to start with photos at 10:30, have the opening ceremony at 11:00, hit the road at 11:20, and wind down with prizes at 1:00.

Look here for a map of the course and other details, and click the big orange button to sign up for your raffle ticket.

As with all Daegu Bike Festival events, all are welcome and everything is free.

Hope to see you there!

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