Friday, June 25, 2010

The latest from the Teotbat!

The going has been rough, and it appears that most of our herbs are more likely to falter than flourish. We gave up on the cilantro, and haven't seen anything yet from the rosemary, oregano, chives, or green onions.

That said, have a look at some of our successes:

A little basil sprout! Smells just like it should, if you get your nose down in the dirt. This one inspired some dancing and fist-pumping.


Beets! In the West, the roots are eaten. In the East, it's the leaves. Looks like I have some identity issues to resolve.

A tomato planted, painstakingly raised at home and transplanted by Harold. Went through a rough yellow-leaf period, but now appears to be doing quite well.

Okra, courtesy of Yoshi. Doing very well.

Zucchinis in the works.

Transplanted Chocolate Mint and Pineapple Mint, courtesy of WWOOFing hosts in Busan. Ditto for the Dill, Licorice, and Thyme that follow.

The forecast today calls for "pouring rain," but we've only had a little drizzle so far. For the good of all those listed above (particularly the transplants, which are having a tough time), and the newly planted spinach and carrots, let's hope for a good dousing.

In the Beginning, there was a Teot-Bat!

A few pictures from the early days:

Freshly (if sloppily) made rows.

Niall inspects soil quality.

We've since upgraded to larger watering containers.

Niall, Mike, and Kate, happy wanna-be farmers.