Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Movement for a Clean Green Daegu in the 21st Century Headquarters / 맑고푸른대구21추진협의회

This unassuming building, passed by by so many of us on our way to the airport or immigration office, may actually be the headquarters of Greenish Action in Daegu.

Back Yard: Two tiny plots of land; one has a few rows of tomatoes and peppers and eggplants, one is waiting for some kindergärtners to come try their little hands at planting.

Underground: The Climate Change Experience and Education Center (기후변화 체험교육원). Sort of an underground maze, the walls of which are covered with images, graphs, and blurbs relating to the who, what, why, when, where, and how of global warming. There are a few displays about alternative energy sources, and most importantly, a few displays about what's being done in Daegu and around to slow climate change before its effects become too severe. For example, on Sunday, September 12th, it will be BMW Day in Daegu. Bikes/Buses, Metro, and Walking Day, that is. The main road downtown, from Banwoldang to Jungang Negeori, will be closed to all traffic (usually buses are allowed in). Some other stuff will be happening; more info on that later. Let's go!

Ground Floor: Green Households Market (녹색살림생협 직영매장). A small shop selling a variety of non-perishable organic and/or fair trade foods such as coffee, chocolate, beans, noodles, flour, chips and crackers, sauces, wines, and drinks. Also sells some other non-edibles, like earth-friendly dish detergents, laundry detergents, shampoos, body soap, (real) loofas, and reusable feminine hygiene products. No fresh produce, unfortunately. Don't forget to check out the strawberry makkeoli.

***UPDATE: As of November 2010, the Green Households Market has shut down. It may or may not resume operating in the future. If you want to visit and have a cup of tea, go around back and ring the bell!***

Ground Floor Annex: Soap center! If you're just shopping, then how about some shampoo, rinse, bar soaps, body soap, mosquito repellent, facial cleansers, or other lotions made right on the premises? They'll even refill your old plastic bottles!!! Or, if you have a little more time, stop by for a class (I think Thursday mornings? Best to double-check) or organize your own with a group. The staff will explain the ingredients to you and walk you through the process of choosing dyes and scents, combining, heating, mixing, and cooling everything. Additionally, as an incentive to get people to try making their own hygiene products rather than just buying, it's cheaper to make your own than to purchase it. Nice gifts!

There are two or three more floors, but I haven't had time to see exactly what they do. The second floor looks to be the headquarters of the Daegu Ecofeminist Network (대구여성환경연대), and the third floor hosts the Daegu Green Consumers Network (대구녹색소비자연대), which apparently (ie according to the sign in the picture up top) is agitating to get environmentally friendly foods into school cafeterias. The local chapter of Bicycle Mileage (자전거 마일리지), which hosts occasional gatherings and around-the-city bike-awareness-increasing jaunts for cyclists, may also be housed here.


Come out of Dongchon (동촌) Subway Station (on the red line), Exit 1. Walk up to the first big intersection, Dongchon Negeeori (동촌네거리), cross the street, and turn left. Walk in the direction of the airport and immigration office; the Green Households Co-op will be on the right.

View Movement for a Clean Green Daegu in the 21st Century Headquarters / 맑고푸른대구21추진협의회 in a larger map

(대구 광역시 동구 검사동 1005-4번지 맑고푸른대구21추진협의회)


맑고푸른대구21추진협의회 / Movement for a Bright Green Daegu in the 21st Century Headquarters: http://www.d21.or.kr/

대구여성환경연대 / Daegu Women's Ecofeminist Network: http://www.ecofem.or.kr/

녹색살림생협 / Green Households Co-op: http://acoop.or.kr/

대구녹색소비자연대 / Daegu Green Consumers Network: http://www.dgcn.org/

저전거마일리지 / Bicycle Mileage: http://ecobike.org/

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